Share The Right Message At The Right Time

Funnelfly provides powerful email campaign templates for outreach efforts from onboarding to cold engagement and every situation a SaaS founder faces. Funnefly then delivers those message to recipients’ inboxes at strategic intervals.

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Funnelfly is easy to use email marketing software

With the average response rate to cold email hovering between 1 and 5%, we know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re sending emails into the void. Our customizable email campaigns and sequences make the most of every point of contact with potential customers.

engagement campaigns

Focus on developing and nurturing relationships with your customers throughout their experience

conversion campaigns

Target potential customers and provide them with an incentive to convert

send better sales emails
free trial campaigns

Give customers the opportunity to “try before they buy” to build interest in your product or service

onboarding campaigns

Make signing up easy to enhance customer satistfaction and give a great first impression

Here’s how it works

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Sign up for a free trial

It costs absolutely nothing to get started with our software, so explore the software and see what Funnelfly can do for you.

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Build your first campaign

Choose from our library of effective and customizable email sales funnels to build your first campaign. Enroll your contacts and start connecting.

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Turn prospects into customers

Turn prospects into customers. Emails with 4-7 follow-ups get 3X the response rate of standard email outreach, so our campaigns are built to convert.

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The average American spends 3 hours each day checking their work email.

All of that email not only takes up a lot of time – it’s also hard to stand out in all the noise. Our email personalization and automation features ensure messages that connect with contacts and convert to sales.

You deserve quality, timely emails that make you stand out from your competitors.

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Connect with leads

Easily capture email addresses and phone numbers from all of your contacts, and communicate with customers directly from your inbox.

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Bypass spam

Since Funnelfly works with your Google account, your messages will actually land in the intended recipient’s inbox.

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Make the sale

Our extensive content library of email conversation starters and follow-ups ensures a seamless conversation that engages more customers.

Deliver The Right Message At The Right Time

Funnelfly provides the email campaign templates, sequencing automation, and deliverability that SaaS founders need to grow.