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Meet Funnelfly

Send Better Sales Emails

Grow Fast Through Effective Outreach.

Easily capture email and phone numbers. Communicate by email, text, and calls.
Don’t know what to say? Use our library to get started.

Timely Outreach Means Faster Growth

Effective sales conversations for effective customer acquisition and conversion

  • Segment your users and visitors and deliver highly personalized conversations
  • Personalize emails using Gmail/GSuite. Send to larger lists beyond Gmail limits with our transactional email tool without losing personalization
  • Access pre-written content library
  • Create call lists based on segment and auto dial right from Funnelfly
Effective email automation and segmenting. Text and call built into funnel.

Effective Funnels Are Follow-up Actions

  • Sync your campaigns with the right sales activities with Funnelfly’s Power Tasks
  • Send natural follow-up emails in the previous email thread.
  • Use PowerTasks align activities such as sales calls, demos, SMS text follow-ups with the right marketing message in your funnel’s lifecycle
  • Keep sales and marketing teams informed and in sync throughout the cycle

Convert Leads to Customers Faster

Your prospects are eager to know your solution is right for them. Provide information and answers to their questions through your sales funnel. The quicker they get answers, the quicker they convert.

  • Use our pre-written conversational sequences to move trial users through your funnel quickly
  • Educate your prospects effortlessly throughout their buying cycle
  • Use variables and actions your prospects perform to send personalized, highly-relevant messages that lead to paying customers
  • Automatically call through your task list with Voice Calls - no more dialing

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Easy setup and integration

  • Eliminate stressful, error-prone, unnecessary data entry
  • Pull data in from your existing toolset. You can also manually enter data.
  • Create relevant data fields on the fly as needed. No one size fits all.
  • Connect with hundreds of tools using our Zapier integration
  • Schedule appointments automatically with Calendly and track conversions
  • Integrate relevant payments data from Stripe
  • Utilize many other integrations including webforms, JavaScript API and more

You need results. Not just another tool.

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