We’re here to help SaaS founders generate more leads.

Doing cold outreach is hard. No one wants to sit down and type hundreds of emails that don’t get opened or use software that sends your emails straight to spam.

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Funnelfly is an email outreach automation tool that allows you to say goodbye to SPAM and hello to SALES.

What’s our story?

Funnelfly is the brainchild of Shegun Otulana, Founder of Harmony Venture Labs, who saw an opportunity to create a tool that simplified sales funnels to more easily generate leads.

The software was originally created as a growth tool that features email and SMS automation, team collaboration, and integrations with major tools and platforms to simplify and accelerate sales workflows.

As we evolve to our customer needs, the new and improved Funnelfly is guaranteed to help you optimize your outreach efforts and generate a higher volume of more qualified leads for your business.

With Funnelfly…

  • No more sales-y emails
  • No more deliverability issues when sending cold emails
  • No more hours wasted typing emails–you can use our customizable templates
  • No more guesswork. Evaluate and edit your email campaigns in real time.
  • Integrate with your current CRM to ensure your leads won’t get lost.

Join our Funnelfly family of early adopters and gain exclusive access to lifetime perks. Promise you won’t regret it!