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Best SaaS Onboarding Emails

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Email Has A Purpose

Email overload is a big problem for office workers, with the average person receiving 121 messages a day. However, most people can only reply to around 28% of those emails. The rest remain unread or get deleted. With such low open and click-through rates, how can you be sure that your SaaS onboarding emails will stand out? Our handy guide to the best SaaS onboarding emails will help you rise above the inbox noise.

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Onboarding your users to your SaaS product can be a challenge, especially when you’re limited to a single email sequence. Your goal for this email should be to get your users to a point where they can begin using your product successfully. To do this, focus on making your email as clear and concise as possible.

  • The first is a welcome email. When a lead signs up for a SaaS product, the provider should send a welcome email to confirm their subscription. That email should be followed by an additional email that introduces the basic capabilities of the product.
  • The second is account confirmation. This is sent a day or two after the first email, and it requests that the customer confirm their account. This is to ensure that the account wasn’t created by mistake and to ensure that a human is actually at the other end of the account.
  • The third is an installation email. This email is sent shortly after your customer signs up for your product. It serves two purposes. First, it welcomes new customers and directs them to a helpful resource — frequently a product tour or FAQ. Second, it’s a check-in from your company. It tells the customer that you’re here to help, and that they’ve signed up for something that is going to be useful and valuable. This is an impression that is critical to get right at the beginning of your customer relationship.
  • If necessary, you can also send a re-engagement email. When it comes to B2B SaaS onboarding emails, not all leads are going to be ready to become customers right away. Some of them would need to be warmed up before they buy. That’s why re-engagement emails are also a great way to nurture leads who have stayed in touch with you but neglected to subscribe to your service.

Low open and click-through rates are a challenge for SaaS companies when trying to engage new users.

SaaS companies often have low open and click-through rates on their onboarding emails. However, there are steps you can take to improve your engagement and get more new users interested in what you have to offer. Try personalizing your email content, making the subject line relevant and interesting, and keeping the message short and sweet. You might also want to consider offering something of value for free in order to entice new users to give your service a try.

  • Start your emails with a personalized greeting. Whether you use a marketing automation tool or build your emails from scratch the first thing you need to do is personalize your greetings. And we don’t mean just the “Hi there,” “Hello,” or even the “Hello again!” Either of those salutations can sound robotic or canned, which will be a turn-off for your customers.
  • Keep them short. According to MailChimp, it takes 7 seconds to decide whether to open an email. And once a person opens an email, they’ll spend around 10 seconds scanning it. So use those ten seconds wisely. It can be tempting to write a lot when you’re answering questions, but consider keeping things short and sweet. The very first email that subscribers receive from a service should be memorable and create a compelling reason to visit the website.

SaaS onboarding emails need to be able to stand out from the rest of the email traffic.

SaaS onboarding emails need to be attention-grabbing to stand out from all other email traffic. They should be concise, yet informative, and include a call-to-action that encourages users to sign up for your product. With the tips here, you’ll be writing the best SaaS onboarding emails in no time.