10 Surprising Facts About Email

Oct 5, 2022 | email best practices

Whether you love it or hate it, email is most definitely here to stay. And if you’ve ever wondered just how much of our lives are impacted by these daily digital communications, we have got you covered with surprising facts about email.

    • The average American spends a minimum of 3 hours each day checking their work email. Which seems like time that could better be spent napping.
      (Source: DailyBlogging)
    • The average open rate for cold email is roughly 15-22%. This means almost a quarter of the people are paying attention!
      (Source: Writecream)
    • The average response rate for cold emails is 1-5%. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve been getting those responses!
      (Source: GMass)
    • The best email open rates by industry are Non-profits (30.85%), food and restaurant (30.09%), and real estate (38.37%). In my house, all of the emails we open are about food, but bygones.
      (Source: GetResponses)
    • Subject lines that include bargain (39.52%), events (38.94%), and update (31.86%) get higher open rates. While terms like unlimited (11.43%), compare (10.26%), and guaranteed (6.56%) fall at the bottom of the list. Clearly, I’m biased, but it seems like an email with a subject line about “unlimited food” would have a higher open rate.
      (Source: GetResponses)
    • Subject lines with emojis have lower open rates than those without. But the difference is small – 20.45% with emojis and 21.94% without. Finding the difference here is almost as difficult as telling the crying/laughing face from the crying/crying face once you’ve turned 40.
      (Source: GetResponse)
    • Cold emails with 4-7 follow-ups get 3X more responses than other email outreach. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.
      (Source: Woodpecker)
    • Anything under 3% is an acceptable bounce rate for email. A bounce rate of 5% or more could earn a penalty from your email service provider. And penalties from your email service provider last longer than anything any teacher ever threatened to write on your permanent record.
      (Source: Mailshake)
    • Short and vague subject lines get more responses than long, personalized ones. Email subject lines with 4-5 words have an open rate of around 17-18% as opposed to 10% for 9 and 10-word subject lines. A little bit of mystery matters, so don’t give it all away in the subject line.
      (Source: SmartWriter)
    • Click-through rates (CTRs) have been rising since 2019 (2.6%) and stood at 10.3% in 2021. Sometimes all that hard work does pay off when you convert a lead through email.
      (Source: WriteCream)

Armed with these facts about email, who knows what you’ll create for your next campaign? Should you ever run out of things to say in all that email, remember that Funnelfly has a robust content library to help you out.

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