5 Ways to Grow Your SaaS Startup Faster

Jun 10, 2022 | marketing

When it comes to the success of your SaaS startup, early growth is key. Now is the time to pick up the pace and make things happen.

Congrats! You’ve launched your SaaS startup! Maybe you’ve even gotten a handful of customers on board. All of that hard work seems to finally be paying off—but the truth is, the real work has only just begun. How do you keep that growth going at a rapid rate without losing your mind (or your business) in the process? Read on for how to grow your SaaS startup.

1. Change your short-term tactics into long-term strategies

Your SaaS startup probably has a very small staff—or maybe you alone make up your entire staff. As a result, you may have launched your SaaS startup with a very personal approach that included in-person visits and one-on-one follow-ups with every prospect or new user. And that probably worked well as you landed your first 10 customers or so. But to grow your business quickly and build a much bigger customer base, it’s nearly impossible to maintain that level of personalization. Yet you don’t want to lose touch with your customers either. The answer is marketing automation and sales automation, and that’s where solutions such as Funnelfly come in. By automating your multichannel communication with prospects and customers, you can keep up with them along their journey and ensure that they have all of the information they need to be successful. Funnelfly’s platform offers sequences of automated messages and sales tasks designed to convert leads to paid users faster and easier.

2. Offer a product trial to prospects.

There’s a lot of competition out there in the SaaS startup world, and customers want to get the best bang for their buck. What better way for them to experience the value of your product than with a free trial? By making a trial that involves very little setup time available on your website, you are creating a user-friendly experience that welcomes prospects into a self-serve environment. They have the freedom to explore all the features of your product before making a monetary commitment. And while these prospects are in trial mode, you can continue to generate leads for future prospects, creating a cycle that is continuously moving. (It’s important to note that while the trial is offered as a self-serve entity, you need to ensure that prospects have a positive experience while using it. Be sure to provide some onboarding or support services to help any users that may hit a wall.)

3. Invest in processes that will grow your business.

In the very early stages of your startup, you can get away with a couple of spreadsheets and a whiteboard. But once you are interacting with high numbers of prospects, it’s time to look for a way to make your system more manageable. That’s why automating your marketing and sales processes will avoid a chaotic mess before it happens. Funnelfly’s automated journey flow leads potential customers from inquiry to close. The software offers smart personalization that automatically puts the most relevant content in front of each prospect or buyer across channels. And the system automatically segments your leads and customers into the correct pipeline stage—or funnel—based on their activity.

4. Charge customers from the get-go.

You believe in your product. You know its value. So why would you give it away for free? Go ahead and charge the very first customer. If you hesitate, or if you wait to launch your SaaS startup until you have invested huge amounts of time and money, you are doing your customers—and yourself—a disservice. You will experience more success from the serious customers who pay for your product and are committed to it. The simple fact that those customers are willing to pay for your product means that they see value in it.

5. Know the difference between satisfied customers and successful customers.

Satisfied customers are fine for your SaaS startup at the very beginning, but the real goal is to turn them into successful customers. Satisfied customers have no complaints. They like your product and feel good about paying for it. But ultimately, your customers want—and deserve—more. As your SaaS startup grows, your customers need to be growing and learning right alongside. Take a look at your customer base and identify those who have grown the most as a result of your product. They are most likely the ones that interact with your team on a regular basis in order to understand and utilize the most advanced features of your product. These customers are your best advocates, and they never hesitate when it comes time to renew their subscriptions or make their monthly payments. Your product, your team, and your overall system are important to their success. These customers feel they are getting even more value from your product than what they are actually paying for it. Once you understand the makeup of your successful customers, you will be better able to help satisfied customers become successful ones.

The Bottom Line

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to grow your SaaS startup, and Funnelfly is ready to help you speed up the process and quickly convert leads into customers. Learn more about the marketing automation platform built by SaaS founders specifically for SaaS startups at funnelfly.com.


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