The B2B Sales Funnel

Nov 16, 2022 | sales

Customers might be more unpredictable today, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to predict the buyer’s journey. You just need a strategy that helps you nurture as many leads as possible. The B2B sales funnel is key. Let’s pop the hood and replace your old funnel. Instead of a linear process, think of funnels 2.0 as a maze with multiple entrances and exits. Follow these 5 tips to modernize your funnel and create a better buyer experience.

1. Focus on what works

It’s tempting to start completely over when you’re overhauling your strategy. But you don’t need to change your entire process just for the sake of modernizing your funnel. If a strategy or channel is working really well for your brand right now, don’t change it. It’s always harder to create a successful funnel from scratch. Feel free to adjust your strategy, but reconsider ending initiatives that are getting you more business.

2. Understand the omnichannel experience

People have been talking about omnichannel for years as if it’s a pipe dream. But omnichannel is a reality, especially with modern funnel marketing. Omnichannel means customers are connecting with your brand on multiple channels at different times. The goal is to give leads a consistent, quality, personalized experience no matter where they find you. It’s hard to do omnichannel strategically without funnels. Omnichannel isn’t about being on every channel possible; it’s about choosing your channels strategically to get the most ROI. Conduct a survey to see what channels your customers use. Let the data inform your decisions. Don’t assume anything about your audience without the data; they’ll always surprise you. Choose your customers’ top 3-5 platforms and focus your energy there. Follow best practices for those platforms to tailor your brand’s message while acquiring new leads. Remember, let your omnichannel efforts work together instead of separately. Your Yelp, Instagram, website, and more need to play off of each other for a cohesive experience.

3. Be flexible

Modern funnels aren’t linear. Customers bounce from Awareness to Consideration and everything in between. The customer journey is very different today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t map it out. While every customer’s journey will be a little different, you can still get a general idea of your funnel stages. Identify the core pathways that customers take in your B2B sales funnel. Do you usually connect on social media, then push them to your email list, and then invite them to a webinar? It’s good to know that this is a common path to conversion; knowing these pathways will help you optimize and automate for more sales. Identify which customer touchpoints eventually lead to a conversion. Use this map to prioritize your resources for better ROI.

4. Loyalty above all

Traditional funnels put a lot of focus on new customer acquisition. New customers are important, but loyal customers are the best way to grow your business. In fact, repeat customers spend 300% more and they’re 13% easier to persuade than new customers. Loyal customers also can become advocates for your brand. They’ll market for you, featuring your brand across social media and review sites. Emphasize customer loyalty in your funnel strategy. Embrace remarketing through email, PPC, and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for more.

5. Automate

The great thing about funnels is that they assign some predictability to your customer journey. Once you’ve mapped out the pathways leads take to become customers, you can use those pathways to automate the journey itself. You have so many touchpoints with your customers that it’s too much to handle manually. Fortunately, funnel automation tools like Funnelfly help brands bring more leads to purchase.

The bottom line

Funnel marketing has changed, and B2B sales funnels must adapt accordingly. Keep up with the times by using a holistic approach that focuses on your customer. Give your funnels a facelift for the digital age to keep up with the evolving needs of your customers.

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