25 Best Free Live Chat Apps

Jun 10, 2022 | marketing

Live chat apps are ingenious online tools that are sweeping the business world, whether we’re talking about small e-commerce or large corporations. While phone calls can be inconvenient and email communications often take too long, live chats let customers get answers quickly—and still experience a personal touch. So, we’ve evaluated the best free live chat apps.

With more and more businesses implementing a live chat option on their websites, live chat software options continue to increase as well. All of the choices can be overwhelming, making it hard to know which one is best.

While we can’t choose your free live chat app for you, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of options and some information about each one to make the decision a bit easier.


When a small business is looking for a functional live chat application, they’re often not interested in learning an overly complicated platform. Freshdesk makes communicating with customers comfortable with a simple interface that’s pretty much self-explanatory.

Their free live chat software version offers enough of the application to allow users and businesses to try it out and see if it suits their needs. Beyond that, there are four different plan options so companies can pick the one that best fits their pricing and operational requirements.

The application not only helps with external customer communications, but it also drives daily support activities by providing help agents with various information and resources. The innovative dashboard allows agents to see tickets, metrics, and customizable widgets.


Slack users can agree that Chatlio is one of the best live chat options for them. While Slack users typically have to outsource their communications with other live chat apps, Chatlio actually allows agents to chat with customers directly from the Slack platform.

The process of installing this feature is super simple, which is a huge plus for this application. Customizable options let you specify your chat’s appearance, behavior, and notifications. You can also collect data at your choosing.

Since this is a web application, you can use it on any platform along with any Slack apps you already have installed.

The Chatlio plans come in Starter, Basic, Business, and Pro, but you can try all of them with a free trial before committing to their price points.


LiveHelpNow is a top-rated help desk that allows businesses to effectively manage multiple lines of communication, from live chats and social media to text messages and emails.

The intuitive platform is easy to understand and operate with several charts and reports to track your communications. Integrated directly onto website pages, LiveHelpNow is quick to speak with customers and potential customers to tackle any issues right away.

LiveHelpNow is available across the web for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users. It also is an excellent tool for monitoring customer satisfaction with features like customizable surveys and sentiment analysis that allow businesses to keep up with positive and negative experiences.


LiveAgent is user-friendly and customer-focused, but perhaps its standout feature is that it incentivizes agent performance through its gamification. While agents work, they can monitor and track their own performance metrics, earning badges and “upgrading” along the way.

Aside from that, LiveAgent provides a full suite of customer support tools, including social media integration, feedback tracking, and post-management.

The dashboard has a straightforward, clean look to it, making it easy to find the right buttons to click. With minimal training, your team could be up and running on LiveAgent and competing to see who has the best customer service skills.


The Crisp.Chat app offers both free and paid-for services, with the paid option obviously offering extensive add-ons. Their chat windows are similar to others except that they gather, store, and organize helpful information along the way for future company use.

Proactive communication tools also help keep customer satisfaction levels high. For example, if the company experiences an outage during a chat, the customer will automatically be notified so they don’t think they’ve been left hanging by an unresponsive agent.

An intuitive knowledge base, coupled with excellent tools across support and sales, makes Crisp.Chat a great choice for businesses. Its clean design is highly visible and easy to use, and you can integrate it with your website and apps almost seamlessly.


Olark strives for success is one key area—making businesses more human. This effort is duly noted not only in their seemingly endless amount of support but in their free plan option offering as many as 20 chats per month.

One of Olark’s best features is the ability to use chat automation or target chats. What this means is that you can set up automatic messages to visitors on specific pages or ask them specific questions. Your automated chat messages will take care of those users, freeing you up to focus on more specific customer service needs.

Olark is awesome for smaller teams because it offers very flexible pricing. While you can stick to the basics, you can also pay for add-ons as you need them rather than bundling together a bunch of tools you’ll never use.


Hubspot is a widely known name in the marketing world, and with its free CRM, you can check out how far they’ve come concerning live chat, chatbots, ticketing, and more. If you’re looking for something that’s simple and easy to use for customer chatting, then the free version might just be all you need.

However, Hubspot’s software also comes with a paid upgrade that delivers features across marketing, service, and sales.

The basic look of the application may seem unimpressive at first, but businesses have the option to customize practically everything, making the dashboard their own. Users find it easy to navigate, which means less time dedicated to training and more time in action.

We also praise Hubspot for its innovative use of bots, which can be programmed to handle things like collecting information, booking meetings, and offering email subscriptions while your agents are away.


LiveZilla allows businesses to connect with their customers via web services, Android, and iOS, giving anybody access to its features. The software also allows for integration with WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop.

By using automated chat invites, email chat, intuitive feedback, and even customized texting, LiveZilla helps you improve your overall customer service in real-time.

In the app, you can even utilize multiple languages to reach international customers. You also can easily operate several chats simultaneously. Plus, the app lets you share relevant files within your organization.

Additional data tracking support allows you to monitor your website visits in real-time, as well as gain various insights about your online presence. You can also implement features like complaint management, customer engagement, sales enablement, and more—all things that are especially important to small businesses and startups.

Pure Chat

If you love free stuff, you’ll probably fall head over heels for Pure Chat. This free live chat app offers an unbelievable deal, including unlimited chats with unlimited operators. As you’ve seen from this list already, that’s pretty rare.

Pure Chat is operable on both iOS and Android via their respective mobile apps, allowing you to access your dashboard and communications both online and on the go.

With the free version, you also gain access to their chatbot feature, which helps you keep up with your incoming chats. It can even generate leads, book appointments, and accept payments, which is super helpful.

When you consider all of that, it can be hard to believe there are any upgrades. But you can pay for the pro version, which includes features like real-time analytics, automatic chat alerts, and use on unlimited websites.


Mid-sized corporations and businesses can benefit from a partnership with Acquire.io. This live chat app offers a wide-ranging set of tools that allow for live chat, co-browse, chatbots, voice calls, video calls, and in-depth profile management.

The focus of Acquire.io is to streamline and simplify the process of communications involved with sales, general support, and even onboarding. You can integrate the application on several platforms, including Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, OpenCart, and more.

The free version of this program includes services for phone, live chat, email, social media, and video tutorials, while the paid version offers more features and add-ons. You can use Acquire.io on the web and on both Apple and Android products.


JivoChat understands that businesses have to deal with numerous people coming to their website every day with questions, concerns, and even technical issues. Their international live chat software offers modernized solutions to go along with its core, the chat tool.

Available as an app for both iOS and Android, along with desktop versions for Windows and Mac, JivoChat helps businesses chat with customers while also offering the option to receive phone calls using a voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) system. This is an excellent solution for businesses that want faster and more efficient communications via chat yet still, want to receive calls from more old-fashioned users.

JivoChat’s simple yet colorful dashboard is both appealing to the eye and easy to use. The basic version includes unlimited chats for as many as five agents, and the pro version is actually super affordable in terms of live chat fees.


As far as integration goes, LiveSupporti keeps things simple. All you have to do to use the application with your website is insert a single line of provided code!

LiveSupporti offers tons of useful features, including chatbots, geo-targeting, proactive chat, reports and analytics, and visitor tracking. It goes without saying that all of these features come with live chat operations.

Businesses and users can also customize their platform by changing things such as text and colors to match the look of their website. You can even receive messages offline, which allows you to keep up with inquiries.

LiveSupporti offers a free trial period, a free version, and paid plans starting at just $5 per month.

Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is another live chat application that offers a “forever free” option. For no monthly payments, you can access unlimited chats for three agents, making it a good starting choice for a new or small personal business.

On the flip side, the paid-for version is pretty affordable, and it certainly has more advanced features that will benefit your business.

Tidio offers automation, making it easier to keep in contact with large amounts of messages. You can also set up automatic emails for visitors, as well as utilize a multilingual chat setup for international affairs.

For additional fees, you can implement the use of chatbots. The overall flow of the platform is pretty impressive and easy to use, even with a more advanced look to it.


Functional across the web, iOS, and Android platforms, SnapEngage is one of the best live chat apps in terms of security. It’s ideal for government-owned websites or medical chatting due to its security across patient data, as well as its HIPAA, PHI, and PCI compliance. In layman’s terms, that means healthcare providers, insurers, and other medical companies can use it safely with their patients and customers.

SnapEngage offers tools like group onboarding assistance, paid training, and client success managers. Ans because SnapEngage is used in such high-privacy situations, features like these are extremely important to business success.

The platform also allows businesses to integrate other forms of communication, such as social media and SMS. Automatic chats help promote engagement, while intuitive systems can track chat progress.


Made to accommodate e-commerce and small- to mid-sized businesses, the Smartsupp live chat app is widely used and popular for a reason. Both the free version and the free trial let you experience the app and use minimal features, but the full version is also highly affordable at $10 per month.

With a subscription, businesses gain access to features like automatic messaging, statistics, and recorded conversations. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to maintain communications across various platforms, including iOS, Windows, Android, and web-based.

Users and businesses also love the attractive design, the fast processes, and the continuous updates that improve the app on a regular basis.


Tawk.to is an incredible free live chat option that is not only available across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms, but also includes several free features that you can only get from other apps by paying for them.

With free-forever access to things like chat history, automated triggers, and sneak peek, this 100% customizable software makes interacting with customers effective, easy, and affordable.

The tawk.to app is a great choice for any kind of e-commerce platform. With the free version, you get unlimited users and use on unlimited websites. All of that may sound chaotic, but you can manage it all from one single dashboard for efficiency.


The clean blue-and-white design of the Userlike platform is what initially draws users in, but the attractive features are what keep them there. The Germany-based live chat software is fully GDPR compliant and offers a free plan that includes unlimited chats.

Startup companies can try out the platform for as long as 12 months for free, which is especially helpful for a business that’s just getting off the ground floor.

Userlike supports seven different languages, making it useful for international business and global websites. You can personalize your widgets and use the automatic translation engine to enhance your overall communications.

Userlike also lets you use their software across different platforms, helping you manage things like the chatbox, WhatsApp, and even text messaging.


These days, there are several ways that a corporation can maintain contact with customers, such as email, texting, and social media. Respond.io helps to simplify and improve these communication processes by connecting all of your chats to one place.

With Respond.io, users can reply to comments on Facebook without actually being on Facebook. The organization of the interface alone is enough to pique the interest of any business owner or communication specialist.

Though the app itself does prove to have a few minor bugs here and there, it offers a “smart replies” feature that is a sure-fire winner in that it allows your chats to automatically reply to commonly asked questions on your various platforms. That frees up your agents to interact with customers with more complex issues.


OnWebChat lets businesses dip their toes in the water by experiencing up to 100 chats per month for free. Not only does this give them an overall feel for the platform, but it also lets them evaluate how much customer engagement they’re getting and how much more they need before buying.

The platform is super simple. If you’re just looking for customer engagement and improved customer service, why over-complicate things? While more complex applications can hinder website speeds, onWebChat is so simple that it doesn’t do that.

The clean setup is super easy to use without any complicated coding, widgets, or extras, so agents can do what they’re here for—simply talk to customers. Additionally, the upgraded costs are per operator, so small businesses can pay only for what they need.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ promotes its platform by offering hassle-free live chat to improve overall customer support and pursue business growth and expansion. With a free version that allows for two operators, the platform allows users to explore it before they sign up for a subscription.

Zoho SalesIQ is a trusted live chat option in the business world because it’s attached to a larger Zoho brand that offers tons of business tools such as sales and CRM.

Even with just the free version in hand, users have access to helpful features like coaching, agent-performance techniques, geolocation, and more.

Users can implement these features with very little training, and the platform itself seems to perform seamlessly. It’s beneficial for businesses of all types and sizes.


While ZenDesk live chat does offer a free version, it’s very limited. However, ZenDesk as a whole has so much more to offer for businesses, which makes it worth paying for the whole thing.

ZenDesk’s products include tools across support, sales, and customer engagement, all of which are used to scale and improve business success and profitability.

The suite of products promises things such as seamless conversation across all channels, improved productivity, and overall satisfaction for both customers and employees. The internal helpdesk solution empowers employees, while the sales management tools are perfect for sales teams of any size.

Advanced technology allows you to integrate ZenDesk with other platforms, including websites and apps. Live chat analytics and triggered conversations are just a couple of the benefits you get from ZenDesk.


ClickDesk offers a free deal that is a great option for startups and small businesses or departments that just want to test the waters before committing to monthly payments. You gain access to 30 chats across 10 users for free.

What’s great about ClickDesk is that it combines communication tools like live chat, voice, and video chat and also adds in the bonus feature of helpdesk software. Not only do all of these avenues increase customer engagement and, ultimately, retention, but they also allow agents to learn on their own through the provided resources.

It’s easy to install, simple to manage, and completely customizable, making it a breeze for businesses to fine-tune and tweak their approach to customer support as needed. It takes away the cookie-cutter element that much live chat software offers.


HelpCrunch is another live chat application that puts significant effort into its chat automation. The automation tool is available not only in the live chat setting but also in email messages, making it easier to focus on customers who need specialized attention.

HelpCrunch offers a free trial for users to test it out and see if they like the platform. With the paid plans, you get a lot of options for a really fair price. Smarter features like lead prequalification tools and multichannel messaging set this app apart from its competitors.

Overall, the app simplifies communications with website visitors and allows for higher-quality chats.


Intercom is a live chat application dedicated to improving the customer experience by applying scalable messaging across sales, marketing, and support. Its free 14-day trial lets you try out its features to see if the platform is best for you and your business.

Using Intercom, businesses can acquire customers, engage with site visitors, and provide ongoing, everyday support to their customer base.

The application includes an integrated help desk, a helpful knowledge base, targeted emails and push messages, and bots, as well as a live chat feature, to help expand the business and increase revenue. You can also choose from their formatted plans or customize your own to fit your business needs. Funnelfly integrates directly with Intercom.


Chatra is mainly an online-based application, but you can also log in to your iOS and Android apps to keep up with customer conversations when you’re away from your computer. We especially love how Chatra puts a strong emphasis on its ability to support multilingual websites. As far as global business goes, this is an important feature.

Chatra lets users get started for free with a generous unlimited number of chats for one operator. Of course, the free plan doesn’t include all of the other awesome features like automation and screen sharing, but the full plan is pretty affordable.

Implement Live Chat

If you own a business of any size, you know how critical customer support, engagement, and integration are to your overall success. Upgrades in areas as simple as live chatting can do wonders for your expansion and reputation, so it’s important to find a live chat application software that you can trust.

All of the apps mentioned above have quality features, and they each offer something a little bit different from the others in terms of free trials, plans, and prices. Take a close look and make your first step towards a better approach to customer service.

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