50 Best Marketing Websites

Jun 10, 2022 | marketing

When you’re looking to get your product or service in front of customers, marketing is essential. Fortunately for any aspiring business owner, there are hundreds of free and paid marketing resources, like Funnelfly, on the web. In this guide, we’ve listed 50 of the best marketing websites and education tools in no particular order.

1: Zapier

Site: https://zapier.com/engineering/

Zapier is an app that helps you integrate your work between different platforms, and it’s also fully integrable with Funnelfly. Zapier’s blog features articles that look at things from an engineering perspective, like API best practices, Google integrations, developer takes, and more.

2: Stripe

Site: https://stripe.com/blog

Stripe’s blog focuses mostly on using the Stripe suite, which can fully integrate with Funnelfly. However, the blog also features articles on open-source tools, materials, and new features that Stripe is working to implement.

3: Calendly

Site: https://calendly.com/blog/

Calendly is an integrable software that makes scheduling easier than ever, and it completely integrates with your Funnelfly experience. Calendly’s blog showcases exciting modern business issues, such as increasing diversity, email marketing, and best practices.

4: GrowthHackers

Site: https://growthhackers.com/posts

The GrowthHackers forum is a great place to get a second opinion on business issues. Industry professionals often log in to GrowthHackers to share their challenges and successes, so it’s also a great place to look for inspiration or assistance when you’re feeling stagnant.

5: Heinz Marketing

Site: https://www.heinzmarketing.com/blog/

The Heinz Marketing blog is a smaller-scale marketing website, but it’s full of valuable insights and business strategies. In particular, the Heinz Marketing blog focuses on B2B ideas and app spotlights. You can also sign up to receive their articles in your inbox.

6: Advertising Age

Site: https://adage.com/

Advertising Age’s website is full of posts across every conceivable business category. The site tends to feature business-related news topics, as well as more time-insensitive topics.

 7: Problogger

Site: https://problogger.com/

Problogger’s website focuses on the blogging side of marketing and includes a list of valuable blogging resources. The site also contains a repository of other helpful resources such as free educational courses, eBooks, and events.

8: Marketing Eye

Site: https://www.marketingeye.com/blog.html

Articles on Marketing Eye range in topics from B2B and customer relationships to digital marketing strategies, engagement, and specific strategies for your company’s niche.

9: Optimizely

Site: https://blog.optimizely.com/

Optimizely is a software-focused company, so many of their blog posts look at things from an engineering-focused perspective. However, they also feature topics such as customer retention and product building. Plus, they have a resource library and a knowledge base you can use for your professional development.

10: Quick Sprout

Site: https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/

Quick Sprout is a website and blog run by Neil Patel, a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert. The blog is full of posts about business resources, employee management, business tools, and more.

11: TheeDigital

Site: https://www.theedigital.com/blog

TheeDigital, a marketing firm based in North Carolina, offers custom marketing solutions and SEO packages for businesses. They also maintain a blog specializing in web design, SEO, and digital marketing practices.

12: MarketingSherpa

Site: https://sherpablog.marketingsherpa.com/

MarketingSherpa offers in-depth educational content about core marketing concepts. This website goes beyond broad-level overviews and provides you with actionable advice you can apply to take your marketing strategy to the next level. You’ll also find market research and case studies, free graphics and resources, an educational sister site courtesy of MECLABS, and an email newsletter full of the latest marketing research news.

13: Seth’s Blog

Site: https://seths.blog/

Seth’s Blog, courtesy of the well-known author, entrepreneur, and teacher Seth Godin, is one of the most-read blogs on the web. It covers a broad range of topics, and while not all of them are directly related to marketing, the vast majority apply to business as a whole. Seth posts new articles daily and covers topics like system design, exclusion, and marketing adversaries vs. allies. He also runs a marketing seminar for those looking for a more direct approach.

14: The Inspiration Blog

Site: https://theinspirationblog.net/

This blog is a long-running website full of inspirational resources that can help you explore website designs, PowerPoint themes, and anything else to get your creative business juices flowing.

15: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Site: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/blog/

Gary Vaynerchuck, a successful entrepreneur and business expert, runs his own self-named blog. While some of the content has a bit too much self-branding, it does have some solid content on marketing and business models, social media optimization, and business insights.

16: OnPassive

Site: https://onpassive.com/blog/

OnPassive’s goal is to bridge the gap between business and AI, automating as much of the process as possible. The blog focuses on AI-centric news and remote content management, as well as broader business improvement topics.

17: CopyBlogger

Site: https://copyblogger.com/

CopyBlogger, an SEO and copy-focused website, also runs a robust blog full of business resources. In addition to SEO-related topics, it covers everything from the winning strategies of the biggest names in the business to the best ways to deliver your business’s content.

18: Socialnomics

Site: https://socialnomics.net/

Socialnomics runs an enormous blog that tackles a range of topics from emerging news trends to the Internet of Things, manufacturing, and social media. Most of their blog posts relate current events to business strategies to show you what you can take away from the world’s current events.

19: Martech Zone

Site: https://martech.zone/

The Martech Zone blog is an excellent resource for all things marketing technology. It features guides, data, analytics, and more. Many of the articles also focus on current news, combining rising trends with market technology to help you keep your own business ahead of the curve.

20: Convince & Convert

Site: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/blog/

The Convince & Convert blog is full of industry experts in marketing and customer relations. Many of their blog posts focus on making the most of social media, best content creation practices, and emerging trends that can be applied to marketing.

21: Influence & Co.

Site: https://blog.influenceandco.com/

Influence & Co. is a full-service content creation agency that offers a blog full of industry tips, tricks, and strategies. Their articles cover all things marketing, but they occasionally bring popular culture issues into the mix to promote new strategy and thought. The company also has a resource library for your perusal.

22: SmartBrief: Marketing & Advertising

Site: https://www.smartbrief.com/industry/marketing-advertising/

Smartbrief is a massive conglomeration of blog websites that keeps readers up-to-date on the latest news. Their Marketing & Advertising blog is full of news and thought-provoking headlines that might just help you get ahead in the marketing website world. They also offer a subscription that brings these articles straight to your email inbox.

23: Marketing Profs

Site: https://www.marketingprofs.com/

Marketing Profs is a robust and fully-featured website devoted to helping those in the industry maximize their skills. Not only do they have a blog, but they also have forums, seminars, courses, tutorials, and much more.

24: Mashable

Site: https://mashable.com/business/

Mashable is another conglomeration of blogs that covers a wide range of topics. However, Mashable’s business blog doesn’t focus on marketing as much as the other resources on this list. Instead, their posts tend to talk about recent news headlines that may be of use to business professionals in different ways. Marketing professionals may find the social media section of the blog especially helpful.

25: Ghost

Site: https://ghost.org/blog/

The Ghost blog is a unique offering among the options on this list. Instead of being written by one person or entity, Ghost features posts from industry professionals worldwide. They tackle varied and complicated issues like crowdfunding, blog posting, case studies, and more.

26: Topo

Site: https://blog.topohq.com/

Topo’s blog is all about market research and sales development. They also have a resource section of their website devoted to webinars and research trials, and they even have a unique survey section for you to participate in and gather findings.

27: Content Marketing Institute

Site: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/

The Content Marketing Institute is a resource-rich website that focuses on creating optimized content for your business. The site has a great sales and marketing blog and also offers resources, consulting podcasts, training, research, and more.

28: ClickZ

Site: https://www.clickz.com/

ClickZ is an enormous research website for everything marketing and is one of the biggest such sites on the web. In addition to blog posts, ClickZ has a peer network, scheduled events, and resources such as tech talks, podcasts, and more.

29: Behance

Site: https://www.behance.net/ 

Graphic and digital artists post and share their work on Behance. Not only can this give you inspiration for your own content, but you also can hire some of the featured artists themselves to produce material for you. Plus, Behance offers a full library of business and art-related live streams.

30: Close

Site: https://blog.close.com/

Close’s blog is all about sales. They have blog posts on sales calls, emailing, SMS, and more. If you’re looking to learn some new tips and tricks for selling your product, Close is an excellent place to start.

31: Kuno Creative

Site: https://www.kunocreative.com/blog

Kuno Creative focuses on inbound marketing, but their blog covers a broader perspective on marketing and business. Many of the articles relate to current events and hot marketing trends.

32: Ladder

Site: https://blog.ladder.io/

The Ladder blog is an excellent resource for marketing and growth playbooks. Many of their articles are detailed explanations of marketing tactics.

33: The Wall Street Journal

Site: https://www.wsj.com/news/business/media-marketing

While The Wall Street Journal isn’t an educational resource, it’s excellent for keeping up with marketing and business-related news. It even has a Media & Marketing section of the website devoted to niche business news to help keep you ahead of the curve.

34: AdEspresso

Site: https://adespresso.com/blog/

AdEspresso is an educational resource for business professionals, but it also has an interesting blog. In addition, the site features eBooks, webinars, and a Google Ads gallery for you to search through.

35: Chief Marketing Technologist

Site: https://chiefmartec.com/

The Chief Marketing Technologist blog by entrepreneur Scott Brinker is full of in-depth, thought-provoking market analyses and business news topics. If you’re looking to get in deep with marketing technology’s research side, this is the blog for you.

36: Fortune

Site: https://fortune.com/

Fortune is a broader business-related blog, and it’s one of the biggest, best, and most well-established sites of its kind. Most of the posts cover how business and marketing relate to current news topics, but it also includes podcasts, conferences, and videos.

37: HubSpot

Site: https://blog.hubspot.com/

HubSpot’s blog features an enormous amount of content with many beginner-friendly articles, such as how to get started with writing marketing copy and website content.

38: Weidert Group

Site: https://www.weidert.com/blog

The Weidert Group blog is full of professional, marketing-oriented posts that can help you get your marketing practices just right. They also have resources such as case studies and guides for you to use.

39: Inc.

Site: https://www.inc.com/

Inc. runs a business and marketing blog specifically geared toward entrepreneurs. As such, their posts deal with complicated issues such as dealing with remote employees.

40: Econsultancy

Site: https://econsultancy.com/blog/

Econsultancy specializes in digital marketing, but the blog also covers global markets, trends, and best industry practices.

41: B2B Marketing

Site: https://www.b2bmarketing.net/en/resources/blog

The B2B Marketing website has numerous marketing and business resources, including a professional blog, benchmark reports, events, training, and more. The site also has premium content available that requires a membership.

42: Chief Marketer

Site: https://www.chiefmarketer.com/

The Chief Marketer website posts articles on a very wide variety of subjects. While many of them focus on current events, there also are sections devoted specifically to consumer and B2B marketing as well.

43: Wistia

Site: https://wistia.com/learn

Wistia occupies a defined marketing niche—educating visitors on making the most out of video advertising. The site’s learning center is full of videos, lessons, and podcasts.

44: DMN

Site: https://www.dmnews.com/

DMN, or DMNews, is a blog devoted to unbiased news reporting and marketing metrics. The business blog has sections that focus on customer experience, content marketing, marketing channels, marketing agencies, and more.

45: CoSchedule

Site: https://coschedule.com/blog/

CoSchedule’s blog is full of marketing-related guides, tips, and best practices. It covers specialty topics like social media, analytics, thought leadership, and more.

46: Moz

Site: https://moz.com/blog

The Moz blog focuses on inbound marketing and SEO best practices. Some of the industry’s best and brightest regularly share their insights and research on this blog.

47: Duct Tape Marketing

Site: https://ducttapemarketing.com/blog/

The Duct Tape Marketing blog targets small businesses, as Duct Tape Marketing is a small business marketing company itself. The site offers many small business blog posts, podcasts, and even some books written by marketing expert John Jantsch.

48: Top Rank Blog

Site: https://www.toprankblog.com/

The Top Rank Blog focuses primarily on B2B marketing with a twist. They often tie their research to current events and even post reports on case studies.

49: Marketing Insider Group

Site: https://marketinginsidergroup.com/blog/

The Marketing Insider Group is a content agency run by the globally-recognized speaker Michael Brenner. The blog revolves around content marketing best practices.

50: Digital Doughnut

Site: https://www.digitaldoughnut.com/

According to its website, Digital Doughnut is the largest digital and marketing community on Earth. The site features blog posts, a knowledge base, user resources, events, and more.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are near-infinite blogs and other resources on the web to help you learn and hone your marketing skills. As long as you have the drive to keep improving, you can find the resources needed for success. Jumpstart your marketing strategy today with a free trial of Funnelfly, a simple-to-use conversational marketing and sales platform built to help you convert users to customers faster.


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