How To Define Customer Success For SaaS

Jun 10, 2022 | successful startups

Know Your Customers’ Goals BEFORE They Onboard

Setting your customers up for success really begins before they are even customers. You need to know what they want out of your product so that you can help them reach their goals. As a SaaS startup, you have the tools to solve a problem for a certain audience but not for the entire world. Don’t be afraid to ask upfront what customer success for SaaS means to a potential customer. Making sure your product is a fit for each prospect is key. This could even mean having the gumption to turn down a deal or two. It may seem counterproductive at this point, but it will save you a lot of time—and money—down the road.

Ensure Customers Experience Your Product’s Value Early

Whether you are connecting with a trial user or a new customer, you want that consumer to get value from your SaaS product in the first few sessions. Customers who experience this value early on are more likely to stick around. There are two important questions that trial users or new customers will be asking themselves: Does this product solve my problem? Will this product do a better job of solving my problem than similar ones on the market? Be sure that the answer to both of these is a resounding yes for true customer success for SaaS.

Make Onboarding Efficient With Plenty Of Support

No one has time for a lengthy instruction manual or an intricate onboarding process. Customers want information given to them in easy-to-digest chunks that will have them up and running quickly. Infographics, videos, and short pieces of text are key to onboarding customers efficiently so they can focus on the most important thing—using your product to achieve success. Make sure that every new customer has plenty of support throughout the onboarding process to avoid delays or frustration.

Stay In Front Of Your Customers

Once you have acquired a customer, the real work begins. It’s important to be visible and stay in communication on a continuous basis. Rather than just conducting general check-ins with customers, make every effort to approach them with valuable insight into improving their use of your product. A good point of reference is to ask yourself the following when making any suggestions: Is this going to benefit the customer? Proactive communication with customers sets them up on the road to success. Along those same lines, be sure to follow up with users who end their subscriptions. Sure, this part is not as much fun, but the information you gain can be invaluable. This is a surefire way to find out how to improve your SaaS product and decrease future churn.

Look To Your Successful Customers As Referrals

When you have successful customers, they become your advocates. Referrals from these customers are no-brainer ways to grow your user base without the need for added expenditures from sales and marketing. What’s better than a personal recommendation from a happy customer?

Offer Multiple Ways For Customers To Contact Your Team For Assistance

Nothing frustrates a customer more than not being able to get the help they need when they need it. Make sure your phone number and email address are prominently displayed on your website. Live-chat features are also helpful if you have the manpower to support them. And think about customer success from a self-service angle as well. Blog posts and YouTube videos can quickly cover some of the most common issues you are seeing customers face.

The Bottom Line

Customer success for SaaS is not a stand-alone aspect of your startup. Every member of your team needs to be involved in creating success for every customer. Make your customer data available to each member of your team so that everyone feels invested in the mission and empowered to make certain each customer has a positive experience. Funnelfly is an automated marketing platform that can streamline this process by helping you keep tabs on every customer at each stage of the journey, from prospect to trial user to conversion to renewal. Learn more about our marketing automation platform.


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