Email Outreach Follow-Up

Jun 10, 2022 | email best practices

Follow-up. Just the word alone sounds rather daunting. After all, you’ve already spent a lot of time and effort launching your business and introducing it to your target audience. Do you really want to tackle the follow-up now? The answer is a resounding yes! Without a real plan for follow-up, you won’t see any real growth or success in your company. Read on to discover four reasons email outreach follow-up is vital to your business. You can’t afford to miss out on any of them.

  • Sending more email follow-ups results in more responses.
    More than likely, you will not get a response from sending just one email to your leads—and that’s where the problem lies. A lot of companies assume that getting no response means a lead has no interest whatsoever in the product, so they don’t even bother with the follow-up. But what those companies are actually doing—without even realizing it—is forcing that lead to take their business elsewhere. And not only are those companies missing out on a sale, they also are missing out on future sales that could have resulted from upselling to that customer or getting referrals.
  • Giving up on your leads means lost revenue for your business.
    People are busy, and while they may be interested in getting more information about your product, sometimes they just haven’t had time to respond to your email. Or maybe they don’t even know they are interested yet, and they need to hear from you a few more times before they realize it. Don’t give up on these leads. It’s those second, third, fourth, and fifth emails that end up being much more important than the initial email. Those are the ones that often result in responses, opening the door for further communication from you.
  • Following up with your customers is just as important as following up with your leads.
    Don’t forget about a very important group that will also benefit from the follow-up (send follow-up messages in the same email thread)—your customers. Staying engaged with them is just as important as communicating with your leads. By following up with customers on a regular basis, you will create a relationship of trust that makes them feel valued. This continuous engagement also gives your customers a chance to be heard. And once they know you are always available to them, customers are more likely to stick with your company for the long haul.
  • Establishing a follow-up plan that includes consistent communication doesn’t have to be complicated.
    With an automated email platform such as Funnelfly, you can quickly and easily set up email drip campaigns that send the right message to your leads and customers at exactly the right time. Funnelfly’s email copy templates, growth tracks, and suggested timetables take the guesswork out of following up. Using our software, you can consistently communicate with your audience and foster valuable relationships that will ensure success.

The Bottom Line

The follow-up doesn’t just happen—it takes time and thought to establish a plan. Funnelfly can simplify and streamline the process with our automated software that keeps you engaged with both leads and customers. Learn more about the email drip campaign platform created by startup founders specifically for startups and other small businesses. With Funnelfly, you will consistently send the right message to the right person at the right time, including strong email outreach follow-up.

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