Email Sequence Examples

Oct 11, 2022 | marketing

If you’re looking for email sequence examples that will help you convert more customers, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share five different types of email sequences that can help turn your subscribers into paying customers. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to create an email sequence that’s tailored to your business and audience. So let’s get started!

Welcome email sequence

This email should welcome the user to your site and/or app. The subject line is also your first chance to pique interest so make sure to do that. Your subject line should be descriptive and let your user know what they will gain from the app or what problem it will solve for them.

Abandoned cart email sequence

The problem with abandoned cart emails is they’re most impactful when they’re sent as quickly as possible. But it’s still important to segment and personalize the emails you send. That’s why many stores send abandoned cart emails at different intervals and tailor them to your purchase history.

For example, Amazon sends you five abandoned cart emails over five days, each with a different personalization based on your purchase history.

Lead nurturing email sequence

A lead nurturing campaign is simply a series of emails designed to keep leads engaged with your company and to inform them about your product or service. They should help guide your leads through the buying cycle, or what we call a funnel.

Cross-sell/upsell email sequence

Sending this email asks your customers “What other products would you like to purchase from us?” You can use your CRM to segment customers according to the products they have purchased and then send them an email with product recommendations based on the products they have already bought.

Customer reactivation email sequence

If you’re looking to reactivate customers that have been inactive for a while, an email sequence can be a great way to do it. Here’s an example of how you could approach this: Send an initial email letting them know that you miss them and asking if there’s anything stopping them from using your product or service. If they don’t respond to this, follow up with another email a week later asking if they’ve had any new thoughts on what might be holding them back.

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