How To Build Brand Awareness

Jun 10, 2022 | email best practices

Long before you convert a prospect into a customer, those prospects will travel through your sales funnel. Within this funnel, there will be opportunities to connect with leads in ways such as sharing a demo of your product or talking with a lead over the phone. But before you venture into these things, you have to do one very important thing—learn how to build awareness for your brand.

In the awareness stage of the funnel, you are mainly telling your audience what you do, why you do it, and how you do it better than your competition. This is your opportunity to express your brand’s values, philosophies, ethos, and beliefs. These qualities are shared through messaging that becomes your calling card for what your brand stands for. And as you build brand awareness, you will begin to develop trust between you and your leads. Remember, before you began, your leads didn’t have a clue about what you offer. In this stage of the buyer’s journey, you are sharing information with them in order to create relationships.

A good way to start your awareness campaign is by explaining how your product or service can address your leads’ pain points. These are the obstacles that your leads are facing in their industry. It’s important to reveal to your leads that you understand their problems, you can relate to those issues, and you can help. Showing how what you offer can eliminate issues better and faster than anyone else will help pique your audience’s interest and qualify your leads to continue moving through your funnel.

Another thing that you are establishing when you build brand awareness is your brand’s reputation. Early in the buyer’s journey, you want to solidify in customers’ minds that your brand is reputable and committed to excellence and that it will deliver what you say it will.

There are many ways to build brand awareness, but the goal is to make your approach as effective as possible. In short, you want your marketing dollars to gain the highest return on your investment and attract the most leads into your sales funnel. One of the most powerful ways to do this is by utilizing a digital marketing strategy that engages with leads through tactics such as email campaigns, social media platforms, and online display ads that link back to your website. At Funnelfly, we can help you throughout the digital marketing process with our automated email platform, growth coaching curriculum, and/or growth marketing program.

The Bottom Line

Think of the awareness stage of sales and marketing as an opportunity for your brand to tell the world hello. It’s your chance to tap into the human truths of what your customers need the most help with, such as saving time or increasing revenue. If you’re looking for help in this area, connect with Funnelfly to learn more about building brand awareness by speaking directly to your leads about what you do better than anyone else.

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