Middle Of The Funnel: Where Follow-up Is Crucial

Jun 10, 2022 | sales

Many would argue that the middle of your sales funnel may be the most important phase of the buying journey. You’ve captured the attention of your leads, and they’ve shown some interest in your product. Now you’ve got to really engage those leads and further educate them about your offerings to continue moving them through your funnel. Read on to discover the best ways to stay front-of-mind with your audience and keep those relationships growing in the middle of the funnel.

Following up may be the most important thing you do at this stage. You’re still building trust with these leads, so you want to stay in touch and explain why your solutions are the best fit for them. However, be sure to avoid going in for the sale too strongly at this point. Instead, continue to nurture your audience using the tools below until they are ready to move on to the next stage.

  • Continue with your email drip campaigns: Those drip campaigns that you started at the top of your funnel are just as important now. Emails are the best way to stay in front of your leads and continue giving them helpful information about your product or services. An automated email marketing platform such as Funnelfly can ensure that a lead never gets lost in the shuffle by keeping the conversation going. Personalized email messages are automatically and consistently sent to the right person at the right time.
  • Offer a free demo, product sample, and/or webinar: Each of these options gives you another way to inform leads as to why they should buy from you. Offering your audience a chance to see your product in action or experience your service in person—without making a monetary commitment—goes a long way in building rapport and answering any questions the consumer may have. Such offers will often motivate your leads to take the next step.
  • Direct leads to your blog posts: Your blog is still a great place to connect with your leads at this stage. However, make sure you are directing them to posts that go into more detail about your actual product or service, rather than the ones that focus on your industry in general.
  • Invite leads to dig deeper into your website: This is the time to direct your leads to your features page for a more in-depth explanation of your product or service. It’s also helpful to have an FAQ page that answers some of the more common questions your consumers may have. And be sure you have included a very visible phone number and/or email address on your home page that leads can use to reach out with additional questions.
  • Offer how-to guides, comparison guides, and video demonstrations or explanations (live or taped): Again, the important thing here is for leads to gain as much knowledge about your product or service and learn how it can solve their problem. They also will be looking very closely at the competition, so be sure to emphasize what makes you stand out from the crowd.

The Bottom Line

In short, the middle of your funnel is the place to convince leads that you have what they need. You want to provide them with incredible content that helps them make a decision. By aligning the lead’s needs with your product or service in a very clear way, you are one step closer to closing the sale.



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