Get Your Networking Email Subject Lines Noticed

Jun 10, 2022 | productivity

Networking through email is just as effective—and important—as networking in person, especially in the year 2020 and beyond. More people are taking advantage of the power of technology to connect with others in the business world, and email remains a frontrunner when it comes to which method to utilize. Thus, networking email subject lines are more important than ever.

Think of each networking email you send as a handshake between you and the recipient. You are introducing—or reintroducing—yourself in such a way that sets the stage for future communication. And because the email subject line is the first thing that the recipient will read, it can be the difference between making a valuable connection and getting blocked by the person.

More often than not, the person you are trying to connect with doesn’t know you yet. Therefore, it is vital that you show sincerity in the subject line. This factor can determine if the recipient will invest time to read your email.

Here we cover the most effective types of email networking subject lines and offer top examples for you to use.

Make a “Cold” Introduction

These subject lines can be the most difficult to get right. Even though this is a “cold” email, the last thing you want to do is to sound cold or sales-like. And while you do want to emit a friendly vibe, you don’t want to be too casual or assuming. Finding the right balance is important.

Here are examples of Cold Email Subject Lines:

  • A note from a [your job title]
  • Introduction from [name of your company]
  • Introducing [name of your company]
  • [Name of your company] is doing amazon things. Let’s chat!
  • Hello from [name of your company]
  • A little about [name of your company]
  • Would love to share about [name of your company]
  • Are you familiar with [name of your company]?

Mention a Personal Connection

While you may not know your recipient personally, chances are you have some sort of mutual connection or common interest. Now is the time to play up that connection to your advantage.

Maybe you have a mutual friend or business acquaintance. Or perhaps you both went to the same school or are both part of a certain organization. Or maybe you met at a recent event. By mentioning these commonalities, you are creating a sense of trust and validity.

Here are examples of Personal Connection Subject Lines:

  • [Connection] suggested we meet!
  • Do you know [possible connection]?
  • [Connection] referred me. Can we chat?
  •  [Organization] member – Let’s connect.
  • Fellow alum from [university] – Let’s connect.
  • Can we share tips on [topic]?
  • Mutual content exchange?
  • Book recommendations for [topic]?
  • Exchange ideas with a fellow [occupation]
  • Reaching out to you via [connection]
  • What is your best advice on [topic]?
  • We met at [location or event] – following up
  • Biggest takeaways from [event]?
  • We spoke at [past event] – how are you?

Show Your Research

Nothing impresses a prospect quite like showing that you have done your research. Utilize Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media channels to learn as much as you can about the recipient and their company, and then mention something you have learned in your subject line. It may be something they recently achieved, a blog post they wrote, or a project they are working on.

Here are examples of Subject Lines That Show Your Research:

  • I loved your work on [project/content]
  • Just passing along my congratulations
  • I’m a big fan of [content/project]
  • I saw your post on [social media] – Would love to discuss
  • A helpful addition for [content/project]
  • I have a question about [content/project]
  • I agree with your thoughts on [topic]
  • Congratulations on [achievement]!
  • Loved your recent article in [publication]
  • Just caught the interview you had with [name]
  • Happy [work anniversary]!

Ask a Question

By asking a question of your recipient in your subject line, you are creating curiosity that can make the person want to open the email to learn more—and then hopefully answer. Your question can be an invitation to lunch, a request for a meeting, or even a request for their opinion or help with something.

Here are examples of Question Subject Lines:

  • Do you have time for [request]?
  • Are you free on [date] for a quick meeting?
  • What’s your opinion on [topic]?
  • I’m lost on [topic]. Can you help?
  • Can we chat about [topic]?
  • Can I buy you coffee?
  • Are you planning to go to [upcoming event]?
  • Love what your business is doing. Can we chat?
  • Want to collaborate?
  • Quick lunch to discuss [topic]?
  • Free Coffee for Advice About [topic]?

Don’t Forget the Follow-up

The follow-up networking email may be the most important networking email you send, whether you are following up on a prior email or after meeting the prospect in person. However, businesses often give up on a prospect too soon and neglect to send the follow-up. By not sending a follow-up email, you are essentially forcing your prospect to take their business elsewhere. Don’t take that chance. Stay in touch with your prospects to keep the communication going. And make sure that your follow-up email has a subject line that sums up what your email is about. At this point, clarity is key.

Here are examples of Follow-up Subject Lines:

  • Following up on [topic, solution, etc.]
  • Great to meet you at [event}!
  • Regarding our conversation over lunch
  • Thoughts on our discussion?
  • As promised: [information]
  • Enjoyed your presentation at [event]!
  • Remember me from [event/location]?
  • Looking to reconnect!
  • Just wanted to say thanks!

The Bottom Line

As you are writing your networking email subject lines, keep in mind the importance of conciseness and originality. A really long subject line indicates that the body of the email may be lengthy as well, and your prospects don’t have time for that. They also don’t want to read a subject line that they have seen a hundred times before. Your goal is to make your subject lines stand out from the crowd and pique the curiosity of the recipient.

If you’re looking for more help with your email campaigns, Funnelfly is an automated email platform that offers pre-written email templates, including networking email subject lines based on the content being automatically sent. This ensures that at just the right time, your prospects get the right email to move them through your sales funnel. And it all starts the moment it arrives in their inbox.


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