Must-Have Onboarding Tools

Jun 10, 2022 | successful startups

As simple as your application is for the user, your customers will still run into problems and have questions about your product. Onboarding tools help your users learn how your application works, update them when new products are available, and help you make your product better with customer insight.

How to Choose Onboarding Tools

Onboarding tools perform several vital functions. Some guide your users, some help you analyze customer behavior, and some help your users contact you with questions and concerns. Since many tools are available, your team needs to be selective about which ones you choose.

You want these tools to make your application intuitive and easy to understand so your users want to keep using it.

Diagnose User Problems

The first step to understanding which onboarding tools your product needs is understanding where your customers currently have issues. Read your reviews, listen to customer service representatives, and analyze patterns.

You want your tool to be as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. Customer complaints and questions are a great place to begin looking into where you need to make improvements. This feedback will help you figure out what kind of onboarding tools you need to improve your product and maximize your strengths.

Get Tools That Work With You

Once you know what tools your users need, you also need to consider which ones work for you and your team. Your team members can’t help customers if they aren’t working with tools that make sense to them as well.

Similarly, you need to make sure that the onboarding tools complement your current applications in order to help you run your product. Finding compatible tools is key to the success of your customers and your business..

Be Selective

Every onboarding tool you get should serve a purpose. Since it will take time and effort to implement the add-on into your onboarding process, make sure the tool will truly improve  some part of your strategy or user experience before investing that time.

Remember, having too many tools will make using your application more confusing and will inhibit your user experience. Your product likely doesn’t need every feature an onboarding tool offers but instead will rely on a few specific functions to be effective for your users. Keep your product easy to navigate, even when new features are added.

The selection of a few great onboarding tools helps users feel important and supported as you innovate your product and enhance the user experience.

14 Onboarding Tools to Enhance User Onboarding

Here we have 14 onboarding tools that guide your customers and provide your team with support and better communication with your users.

The first group of tools are digital adoption platforms or DAPs that will help your new and current users understand how to use your product and will provide them with support and insights about key features.

The second group of tools are business analytics and customer support onboarding tools to help your team communicate with users and understand their behavior. These will enhance customer trust in your team and keep customers excited about working with you.

Digital Adoption Platforms

These tools feature step-by-step instructions and tutorials and will also update your users about innovations to your product. In general, they perform many similar functions. Take note of the key differences to understand which one is best for your product.


AppCues is an all-in-one platform that provides scaled user experiences and also measures the impact of business results. Users get information about updates and special offers at a time that you specify. Thousands of businesses trust AppCues as an onboarding tool that engages users and provides scalable support.

With AppCues, you can engage new users, provide support, and announce your product’s new features. It also helps you get feedback from your users in real-time. You notify customers through customized messages inside the application for your product. You can specify which users see specific content.

This tool also allows you to track customer behavior over time. You can use the data to develop product development strategies as you analyze your product’s strengths and weaknesses. It is a versatile, multi-functioning onboarding tool that will help your customers understand your product helping you know your customers.


Chameleon lives up to its name as a highly adaptive and versatile platform that will help with onboarding while also collecting support feedback from your users.

Chameleon builds, manages, and innovates product experiences for your application so you can show users how to use your product, all without requiring code. You also can reduce your reliance on customer service with customer surveys that you can create and send to get feedback from customers.

In addition, as users navigate your platform, you’ll get data about product performance. Teams can take this data and design solutions to common problems, react to customer behavior, and innovate based on user feedback.

Chameleon is compatible with hundreds of other integrations, making it easy to implement as an onboarding tool.


Offering support in English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, and Chinese, Whatfix is a multilingual DAP for a diverse user base. Whatfix features software solutions for simplicity and personalization. It is a solution to educate multilingual businesses with their customer onboarding procedures.

Businesses will especially love the top-notch customer service from the Whatfix team, along with the platform’s easy-to-use interface. Whatfix provides step-by-step guidance for users of your product with instructions and tutorials.

Whatfix makes it easy to design personalized guides without the need for code integration onto your application. Your users will get your tutorials right inside your product, and you will be able to track their progress using their user-level tracking feature.


WalkMe helps you guide your users with step-by-step instructions and strategically placed content. This tool helps your users understand your application and learn how to use it to complete business processes.

New applications often require you to change how you work. The WalkMe platform adapts to how you work as a customizable option for a DAP. The platform will take proactive steps to automate processes within applications. As a result, your users will spend less time trying to figure out how something works and spend more time getting results.

The automation of workflow processes makes WalkMe a great way to improve productivity, and your users will love how the platform helps them get things done using your product.


Featuring an interactive and code-free design, Nickelled is a platform that helps to convert every user into an expert with your application. You can create and apply step-by-step guides right into your application without coding.

You’ll be able to educate your users about new updates and functions. The guided tours from Nickelled can be interactive and self-paced, so users learn as they go at their own speed. The simplified tutorial design helps you make these tutorials quickly and then have them sent to the people who need to see them just minutes after you create them.

Inline Manual

Inline Manual will guide, support, and engage prospects and customers while they use your application. Use Inline Manual to create product walkthroughs and onboarding guides, as well as toannounce updates and new features for your product.

This is a platform for any sized business, and it doesn’t require any coding. You can create content for your users that helps them know your application inside and out without the hassle of learning to code it inside your web application or mobile application.

Use Inline Manual to clarify actions inside of your product in an engaging way. Customers will learn how to get the most out of your product through easy-to-follow tutorials.


UserPilot aims to assist users in increasing their adoption of new tools through behavior experiences inside the product.

With UserPilot, you build customized user experiences inside your application. This will improve your onboarding process as new signups meet interactive tips that show them the value of your product as they continue to use it.

UsePilot will help you increase customer retention and educate customers as you develop your product with new features. It does not require code and its interface is easy to use. You can create training and demos for your team and your customers all on the same platform.


Userlane aims to allow anyone to master a piece of software as fast as possible. As another codeless platform, it allows applications to be adoptable for new users with step-by-step guidance and an on-demand virtual assistant.

You can use Userlane to help your customers quickly achieve goals inside your product. By optimizing the speed of learning your product and having a virtual assistant, you will relieve customer service and increase user satisfaction and retention.

Userlane is a leading DAP that is intuitive for the user and effective for customer onboarding.

Support Tools for Onboarding

Along with educating your users about using your product, you want them to have the support they need if they have questions or concerns. You also want to improve your onboarding process by getting insight into how customers react to product innovations or if the current onboarding guides you have for your product are effective for teaching them.

The following tools will help you understand your users and gain insight into how you can make your product and onboarding process better. Select tools that will improve customer service and improve your product performance.


Grow is a business intelligence platform where you input datasets and create detailed graphs to understand your data. With Grow, you can accelerate your product development and onboarding strategies by creating visualized information about sales, tutorial effectiveness, and other customer behaviors.

The graphs Grow generates are easy to make and are beautiful to look at. They are highly customizable, so you can get your data back in the format you want. Create captivating visuals with your data.

Use Grow to optimize decision making with tools you already use. Grow connects to tools such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Salesforce. Graphs help you track new patterns and product effectiveness and offer insight into how to provide your customers with more value as they continue to use your product.


Amplitude gives your team real-time analytics about customer behavior. Through cross-platform analytics, behavioral analytics, and customer support, Amplitude informs your team about your product performance.

This is a trusted onboarding tool by companies like Autodesk,, Hubspot, Microsoft, and PayPal.

With Amplitude, you’ll get help in understanding how users navigate and utilize app features, which features engage users the most, and which parts of your product influence customer retention over time. With a comprehensive view of customers using your application, you can develop better strategies about how to improve your product to increase retention and satisfaction.


Though you want customer feedback, sending out surveys can be time-consuming. You can use Survicate to help you get the feedback you need. As a platform, it features several solutions for gathering input for both websites and mobile applications. It also has tools to get feedback from all kinds of websites and mobile applications.

With Survicate, you can send out surveys through email, links, or chats inside of your application. Use it as a tool to create surveys and then distribute them across your customer base. You can also run surveys targeted at specific customers. Your clients will appreciate your efforts to innovate and improve the experience of your product.


All applications require a trusted security tool to produce private profile information. Auth0 is a platform that will authenticate and secure the access of the users of your product.

Auth0 protects customer information from the time they sign up with you until they make their purchase.

This onboarding tool will also create a directory using the database of customers and their information for you. Use it to organize the profiles of new customers and also to keep your database secure. The database will help your customer support identify users as they require attention.

Protect your customers and your product by keeping all profiles organized and secure as you continue to build.


Olark provides your users with direct communication to solutions for their problems. Olark is a live chat feature inside your product that connects customers to customer support. Users can chat in real-time.

For frequently asked questions, you can input automated responses into Olark for users to quickly access.. There is also an offline messaging feature where customers can ask you questions while you are away so you can address the concerns when you return.

Olark helps you get to know customer behaviors and experiences more comprehensively through chat transcripts and structured notes. Olark will connect you with your users and also offer ideas about how to serve them better. With it, you can help relieve your customer service team by reducing the number of people who need to rely on them to solve simpler issues or fixes.


Coview is an innovative onboarding tool that helps your customer service team troubleshoot user problems. There are times when customers are unsure of how to describe specific issues they have with your product. Coview is a tool inside the app that allows customers to send a screenshot of their view to your customer support, so they have a firsthand look at the situation. The screenshot can provide more clarity than the user can about issues they are having.

Coview also allows users to screen-record processes and send those videos to your team. Your customer support can view the video and address specific issues, as Coview will highlight each transition.

Customers want to find solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. They need your customer service team to understand the difficulties, so Coview makes it easy for your users to ask questions and get solutions quickly. Your team can assess the situation and provide feedback directly to your customers to guide them to the solution they need.

Educate and Keep Your Users

These tools protect your user base because you select them for the value they bring to your application. A useful onboarding tool builds customer habits, so they will want to keep coming to you for solutions. Onboarding tools should engage users to see why your product has value and why no other brand offers the same support or service.

Take a good look at your business and assess what tools will be the most beneficial for your team, your product, and your customers. You will save time and money by being selective about the onboarding tools you decide to implement into your process. As a result, you will optimize workflow and amaze your users with a great experience while they use your application.


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