Personalized Email Marketing: The Key to Connecting

Jun 10, 2022 | email best practices

Mass media advertising has certainly been around for a while. And while it serves a purpose in creating brand awareness and letting the world know about a new product or service, it lacks an important aspect in today’s marketing world—the ability to connect with an audience in a meaningful or measurable way. During these times when genuine connection trumps mass appeal, personalized email marketing is the most cost-effective solution for SaaS companies and startups to reach their target audience and get people moving through their sales pipeline.

Email has gotten a bad rap.

For the longest time, most viewed email marketing as intrusive at best. After all, who wants to get spam and junk mail all day and have to spend valuable time unsubscribing from emails that came to them just because someone sold their email address to another party? Most of these types of emails arrive as a single image with no personal message and no acknowledgment of a target’s pain points or offer of a solution to a problem. In short, for a while, email became the mass media of the digital world—more noise in a world where we are bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day.

Personalized email marketing is different. 

Consider the difference between one of your leads opening an email that tries to be all things to all people and one that is sent from your personal email account and addresses the recipient by name. While many people are accustomed to meeting people digitally in today’s world, that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our need for personal connection. As more digital introductions and meetings take place, personalized emails will only grow in importance as a way to introduce your company, share its values, show that you understand a lead’s pain points, and invite them to learn more. Whether you are sharing information, explaining how something works, or introducing something new, personalizing your emails is a strategy that allows you to approach your lead in a friendly way instead of in a manner that screams “Buy now!”

It’s one thing to use a person’s name or personal pain point in a subject line for your leads, but personalizing emails goes even further. Consider the content of your email. Is it written in a way that is conversational? Are you making an offer that the recipient can truly benefit from? Does your email express an understanding of their particular situation? When you can show how much you know and care about your lead’s industry and their specific role within their company, you create a connection that generates a response. Speaking of response, another huge benefit to making personalized email marketing part of your overall marketing strategy is the ability it gives you to measure your ROI. Whether your leads click a link in your email or send a reply email back, you know instantly the moment that action happens.

The Bottom Line

Nothing helps you connect with your leads or sell your brand better than sending personalized emails. It’s an effective way to move customers through the buyer’s journey. If you’re looking for more help in this area, Funnelfly is an automated platform that offers personalized emails sent automatically from your Gmail account.

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