7 Steps Of The Selling Process

Sep 30, 2022 | sales

Generally speaking, the steps of the selling process include: Prospecting, Preparation, Approach, Presentation, Objections, Closing, and Follow-Up.

    • Prospecting — Your potential buyer is searching for a specific service or good. You offer what they want but need to compete to gain their attention. This phase, also known as lead generation, helps you target a specific demographic using an ideal customer profile. From there, you will want a sales rep always calling leads.
    • Preparation — To successfully sell your product or service, you need a sales team that truly understands your work inside and out. They must also know the industry, the value your brand provides, and the customer you want to target. Prep your team with all of this knowledge, and you will find tremendous success when selling.
    • Approach — With your business topping the local competition list, your prospect is interested in what you offer. This is where your sales rep team comes in with their cold-calling and pitching approach.
    • Presentation — This step belongs to you. You need to explain and show why your services or products are the answer to your prospect’s problems. Your prospective customer has numerous options in the area. Don’t give them a reason to go elsewhere.
    • Objections — As consumers, we love to find issues with products or services. It’s too expensive or it will not last long are common concerns we bring up. Your prospect is no different. Right now, it is your job to explain why what you are offering is a solution rather than another problem.,
    • Closing — Congratulations! You have convinced your prospect to buy your product. Even though your prospect is now a customer, do not let your guard down. You still want their repeat business.
    • Follow-Up — If you want repeat business, especially as a service-oriented business such as air-conditioning repair or plumbing, you need to follow up with your past customers. They will appreciate your concern and, as such, will be more likely to return the next time a problem arises.

Did you notice each step focuses on the customer? It is their journey, not yours. As a salesperson, you are there to guide the customer along their journey, ensuring they do not miss a turn and find themselves purchasing a defective product or service elsewhere. Adhering to the steps of the selling process will ensure your success!

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