The Simple Power Of Follow-Up Email

Jun 10, 2022 | marketing

E-mail may be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but it’s still one of the most important for your startup or small business. Think about it—how many people do you know who don’t have email? Maybe only a handful. So it definitely makes sense to take advantage of a communication form that everyone uses. But keep in mind that connecting and engaging with leads through e-mail involves much more than just sending a message or two. A consistent follow-up email campaign is vital for creating relationships with potential customers and growing your company. These tips will help you get started.

  • Be persistent in order to get more responses.
    More than likely, you will not get a response from sending just one email to your leads. In fact, it usually takes a sequence of several emails in order to get that first response. But too many times, companies assume that getting no response from the first email or two means a lead has no interest whatsoever in the product. That’s why many businesses don’t even bother with the follow-up—and that’s a big mistake. What those companies are actually doing—without even realizing it—is forcing that lead to take their business elsewhere. In short, persistence pays off.
  • Don’t give up on your leads.
    People are busy, and while they may be interested in getting more information about your product, sometimes they just haven’t had time to respond to your email. Or maybe they don’t even know they are interested yet, and they need to hear from you a few more times before realizing it. Don’t give up on these leads. It’s that third, fourth, or fifth email that usually ends up being much more important than the initial email. Those are the ones that often open the door for creating relationships that result in conversions.
  • Follow up with your customers just as you do with your leads.
    Staying engaged with your customers is vital if you want them to stick around for the long haul. By following up with them on a regular basis, you will create a relationship of trust that makes customers feel valued. This continuous engagement also gives them a chance to be heard. Once your customers know you are accessible to them when needed, they are more likely to be loyal to your company.
  • Send follow-up messages in the same email thread.
    Making sure your messages stay together is convenient for you, as the sender, and for your contact. Don’t leave people scratching their brains wondering why your name sounds familiar. Sending follow-up emails in the same thread keeps you and your business top of mind.
  • Remember that establishing a follow-up plan that includes consistent communication doesn’t have to be complicated.
    Not every email you send needs to be worthy of Shakespeare. It’s OK to keep your check-in with contacts short and sweet. Relay the information you need to convey and end with a call to action that furthers the conversation.

With Funnelfly, an automated email follow-up tool, you can quickly and easily set up email drip campaigns that send the right message to your leads and customers at exactly the right time. Email copy templates and suggested timetables take the guesswork out of follow-up. You can consistently communicate with your audience and foster valuable relationships that will ensure success.

The Bottom Line

Learn more about how Funnelfly can simplify and streamline the follow-up process using automated software that keeps you engaged with both leads and customers. It’s the email drip campaign platform created by startup founders specifically for startups and other small businesses.

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