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Email Automation

Send personalized emails to your contacts at scale. Trigger emails based on each contact’s behavior, interest, and website activities.

Connect with your leads at the proper stage with customized Sequences.

Interaction Unique to Each Individual

Funnelfly messages are more personal since they are sent through your GMail or GSuite accounts. The more personal a message the higher the open rate, response rate, and conversion.

No Coding Whatsoever

Our emails are plain text so you don’t need to worry about designing email templates or learning HTML.

Effective Templates

Copy one of our many Sequence templates tailored to fit many different businesses needs.


Our global and contact variables make personalization easier and more meaningful. Tailor messages for each contact at scale.

Land In the Inbox

Funnelfly connects to your GSuite accounts for higher email deliverability since your emails are coming from your GSuite account.

Data You Can Use

Keep track of goal conversions at each step as you move contacts down your funnel and close more sales.

You need results. Not just another tool.

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