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Automate Personalized Messaging

Funnelfly helps you engage your leads and customers every step of their journey.

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Smart Features You Need

  • Integrates with your website and other digital tools easily
  • Manage communication cadence with flexibility
  • Get automated lead and customer segmentation
  • Sync your marketing messages with the right sales stage
  • Create any data point you want to capture

Personalized Messaging

  • Fill in variables to easily personalize email and text messages
  • Use your contacts’ actions to trigger and send messages at the right time
  • Link to GMail and GSuite to personalize emails so that they come directly from you, increasing deliverability and effectiveness
  • Build multiple conversation sequences, and auto-populate users into them to see which sequence is most effective
  • Set up drip campaigns with unlimited funnels to see what works best

Many Integrations

  • Integrate with Zapier, and sync data between hundreds of other applications
  • Integrate with Stripe to capture subscription data and activate messages to close, upsell, retain, and engage your contacts
  • Integrate with Calendly for easy appointment setting
  • Connect with Intercom to sync your customers
  • Use JavaScript API plugin to push data from your website into Funnelfly
  • Collect data easily

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