3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations Let You Shape Your Marketing Strategy

3rd-party integrations allow you to bring in your external data and events to automate your Funnelfly account.

Automation is Key

When you’re looking to shape and build your marketing strategy, automation is key. Connecting your existing Funnelfly account to any 3rd-party platforms lets you do the following:

1. Send back customer data from other CRM platforms, payment platforms, etc. This can be set up through our direct integrations with Stripe and Intercom or through Zapier when the integration needs to be more granular.
2. Build automation into Funnelfly based on users’ actions in these 3rd-party platforms. For instance, when a user makes a purchase, your Stripe integration will allow you to automatically move this user into the correct growth track so they receive the right messaging.

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