Growth Tracks

Moving Leads Through the Funnel

Growth Tracks are the intuitive process of engaging with leads using the right message at the right time. As leads reach specific goals or milestones, you respond accordingly in order to move them along the customer journey. The automatic, high-impact email sent from your Gmail is how you keep the conversation going with relevant communication.

Staying top of mind in today’s business environment requires constant communication with qualified leads. And that requires time. Time that you don’t have. With Funnelfly’s Growth Tracks®, you can move leads through your sales funnel automatically by speaking to them in a way that encourages a desired action – all while you build other parts of your business.

The Right Message Starts with the Right Goals

The great thing about Funnelfly Growth Track® is that you decide when targets receive emails from your Gmail account. For example, you may want to respond with exclusive content after a prospect has contacted you by a particular date or a specific number of days after first contact. 

Speak to 5,000 Like You Do 1

Designed to Be Personal

  1. Manually add your existing leads to Funnelfly or synch them through integrations like
    Intercom, Zapier, Stripe, and/or CSV file upload.
  2. Connect to your Gmail account.
  3. Send emails directly from a personal account with your own email signature
  4. Use Funnelfly’s proprietary Variables to tailor email copy with specific information about your product.

Variables are the Difference

With Funnelfly’s Variables, you can personalize the email copy you send to targets within your Growth Tracks. By highlighting your company’s mission or other vital information in the email copy, you build brand awareness faster.

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