Task Management Automation

Make Marketing One Less Thing to Think About.

Funnelfly sends the right follow-up message to your leads and customers automatically. The heavy lifting of continuous engagement has never been easier.

Each prospect you move through your funnel requires a different type of engagement. Some respond to social media direct messages, while others enjoy a short voicemail. As you discover what methods of marketing communication works best for each, our task management automation tool takes the worry out of forgetting to engage with them.

Some examples of tasks you may consider include:

  • Phone calls
  • SMS messages
  • Facebook messages
  • LinkedIn messages
  • Tweets
  • Voicemail
  • Hand written note

Just as important as making a to-do list is being able to remember to actually do it all. Our Task Management Automation solves this problem. When task reminders are automated, you save yourself the trouble of having to remember everything you need to get done to stay in front of your qualified leads.

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