Personalized Emails with Variables

Variables allow you to personalize email copy sent to your leads. By setting these, you can tailor your messages. It’s a simple way to build brand awareness by highlighting your company in your email copy.

With our Variables tool, you decide how to customize the email copy that is sent from your Gmail account. By answering just a few questions, Funnelfly is able to pair your responses to questions about your business based on the activity that occurs within your funnel. It’s the right message to the right person at the right time, without having to recreate your emails. Marketing doesn’t get more targeted and personalized than this.

When you use variables, you save time. Period. Imagine if every time you sent an email you had to repopulate the key information people need to know about your company. Variables allow you to be as specific as you want to be to further bolster your brand recognition with every email you send.

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