Growth Coaching

Funnelfly's Growth Coaching: Build It From The Ground Up.

You want to learn. We’re here to teach you. Funnelfly’s tailored curriculum is built to coach you on the ways to grow your business. It’s set up so you will retain the information.

When you join Funnelfly’s Growth Coaching, you will be assigned your own Growth Coach who will guide you through one-on-one coaching sessions that include how-to tutorials and discussions on the following topics.


Utilizing Google Analytics alongside Google Tag Manager to gather data that will help you make smarter decisions faster.

Digital Marketing

Setting up your search account on Google or Bing, reach users on YouTube, or create quality traffic that converts from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, we will help get you there.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site to generate more organic traffic.


Creating a consistent voice across communication channels to reinforce your brand messaging.

Growth coaching
For only $750/mo. you receive:
Access to a dedicated Growth Coach who serves as a seamless extension of your team
Step-by-step guidance in areas of your digital marketing strategy
A flexible lesson plan that can be adjusted to your needs
An accountable partner that is able to guide and support progress with attainable milestones
Regularly scheduled, weekly one-on-one meetings
Ongoing, quarterly assessments of your digital marketing strategy and implementation
An easy-to-activate curriculum

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