Growth Tracks

Growth Tracks - Email Drip Campaigns Built to Convert

The most comprehensive library of tested growth funnels and tasks for turbocharged growth. 

Staying top of mind with qualified leads means continuously communicating with them, but that requires time that you don’t have. Funnelfly’s Growth Tracks take care of the work for you with pre-written messages that are automatically sent to your leads, moving them through your sales funnel. [Explore Our Growth Library]

You Choose the Right Timing

Using Funnelfly’s Growth Tracks, you decide when your leads receive your emails. Simply set the cadence you want and then let our automation do the rest. 

Personalization Made Easy

  1. Manually add your existing leads into Funnelfly, or synch them through integrations like Intercom, Zapier, Stripe, and/or CSV file upload.
  2. Connect to your Gmail account.
  3. Send pre-written emails directly from your personal account with your own email signature.
  4. Use Funnelfly’s proprietary Variables to quickly tailor all email copy with specific information about your product.

Variables are the Difference

With Funnelfly’s Variables, you can personalize the email copy you send to leads within your Growth Tracks. By filling in these simple variables, you can highlight your company’s specific mission or other vital information in all of your email copy.

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