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Ultimate sales automation for startups

Get more replies, book meetings and grow. Launch up to two of our most popular sequences, completely free.

Upload Contacts
Upload contacts or connect JS, Zapier, Intercom or Stripe.
Copy a Prebuilt Sequence
Grab one of our getting started sequences, adjust copy
Send & Optimize
Launch sequence, review report, optimize copy
Call Your Leads
Call your contacts with built-in phone dialer
Book Meetings
Easily schedule meetings with links in email

Start converting your leads

Select one of the free demo sequences below to get started.

New Signup Sequence
Make sure new signups use your product by sending them Get Started guides, tips, and follow-ups. Convert trial users into paying customers.
Cold Outreach Sequence
Send personalized sequence to contacts who don't know about your product yet. Use bulk emails or automated email sequences to automate the busywork, and instead focus on the steps of the sales process where real human interaction is most impactful.
LinkedIn Outreach Sequence
Copy and paste personalized messages into LinkedIn.
“Working with this team is a pleasure. I especially value the career development opportunities.”
Christian Smith, Software Developer
“Timber is an outstanding place to work. They care about their employees and show it.”
Lisa Cho, Software Engineer
“Every team member truly has an impact on the development of the company.”
Anabelle Porter, Customer Support