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4 Best Practices For Cold Email Outreach

Discover four proven ways to improve open and response rates for cold email outreach.

Here are our top tips for writing an effective cold email that will get your desired response.

1) Personalize It

This is the most important rule to follow when writing a cold email. Sending generic messages to people you don’t know will most likely have a negative impact on your response rate.

Cold emailing isn’t for tricking people into buying things, it’s about building relationships. That’s why it’s important to make your cold emails feel personal.

2) Include Subject Lines

The subject line is the first opportunity to communicate with the user.

A study by The Muse found that subject lines with numbers are 20% more likely to be opened than subject lines without them, so incorporating a number into your subject line could help increase your response rate.

3) Keep It Short And To The Point

In a world where people have attention spans of goldfish, it’s important to let your email sender know what you want within a few lines. The first paragraph should be all about your desired outcome, so they’re able to read the email and know straight away what you’re after.

4) Have A goal

Before you start writing, decide what you want out of the email. Do you want to meet? Do you want to be a guest on a podcast? Do you want feedback on your article or book?

Think about your goal at the start and consciously work towards it throughout the process.

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