Growth Tracks: The Simple Way to Engage Leads and Retain Customers

Jun 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

There are four basic Growth Tracks—Awareness, Qualify, Convert, and Upsell/Referral— that most Funnelfly users utilize. However, you also have the ability to create and add more Growth Tracks to the platform, if needed, to fit your business and keep up with each recipient’s buying journey. The Growth Tracks go hand-in-hand with the stages of the sales funnel, making it easy to keep up with every lead and customer. Each track automatically sends emails out according to a cadence that is set in the system. You have the choice of using the preset cadence within Funnelfly or you can change that cadence to one that better suits your timeline. You may decide to send emails out once a week to begin with and then change it to every other week. Or maybe you prefer a more predictable timeline of every 15 days or every 30 days.

So what makes these emails so personalized? The variables within Funnelfly’s platform. By filling out a few variables during the onboarding process, you can instantly create a series of emails (with the click of a button) that speak directly to each lead or customer. And these automatic, high-impact emails are sent from your own Gmail account. Now that’s about as personalized as you can get! Once you set each Growth Track live, you can rest assured that your emails will consistently be sent to your leads and customers. And you can put your focus on other pressing matters within your business!

The Awareness Growth Track is the place that every new lead begins. Once leads are assigned to this track, they will begin automatically receiving a series of personalized emails from your company. Your goal in the Awareness Growth Track is to build product awareness and get your leads to engage with you. These emails are not meant to be salesy in nature but instead are focused on letting the recipient know of a solution you have to a problem they have. You are establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and as a trusted resource for potential customers.

It’s important that every email in each Growth Track ncludes a call to action (CTA). The CTA can be a simple reply to your email from the recipient or an invitation for the recipient to call you. Or you may want to include a link to your calendar so that the lead can set up a convenient time for a phone call. It usually takes several emails for the recipient to act on the CTA, which is why the followup emails within each Growth Track are so important.

So what happens once a lead responds to a CTA in the Awareness Growth Track? That’s when things really start moving. Your lead now knows what your company offers and has shown interest by setting up a phone call, replying to an email, or responding to whatever CTA you have set up in your variables. Now your lead moves out of the Awareness Growth Track and into the Qualify Growth Track for the next stage of engagement, bringing that person one step closer to converting.

The Bottom Line
Funnelfly’s unique system of Growth Tracks ensures that you never lose a lead. By assigning each lead to a track, you are able to consistently stay in front of that person. And the follow-up is automatically taken care of, allowing you to focus on product development and other pressing matters within your business. Funnelfly makes it easy to start conversations with your leads and ultimately turn those conversations into conversions.


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