Making Cold Email Subject Lines Impossible to Ignore

Jun 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

You’ve finally written out your email to a prospect. All the vital information is in its place. Your opening line, enticing. Your signature, perfect. It’s just about time to hit the send button. But there’s just one teeny tiny thing standing between you and an influx of leads wanting to know more about your business—the subject line. It’s that one crucial piece of communication that if not written just right can mean the difference between your leads clicking it open or dragging it straight to the trash can that’s just waiting to crumple it into oblivion, never to be seen again. If ever there was an example of the adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, the cold email subject line is it. So, perhaps understanding how to write an effective one is something worth a little bit more of your time.


Making your subject lines a success.


Before getting into what makes a cold email subject line effective, perhaps this a good place to lay the ground rules for what doesn’t. Assuming you’re not trying to scam anyone via email, your cold email subject line would serve you best if it wasn’t written in a way as to offer something to the reader that is unattainable, hard to believe, or just plain unrealistic. After all, if it’s too good to be true, as your soon-to-be lost lead will surely think, it probably is. You’re already coming out of nowhere, so do you really want the first thing someone reads to sound ridiculously far-fetched? While the goal of your cold email subject line is to get someone interested, it certainly isn’t to make them roll their eyes.


Turning our attention from the over promise, the “deal of a lifetime”, or the ever popular “you won’t believe your eyes”, let’s explore some cold email subject lines that actually have a chance of being opened and growing your business. To begin, take a few moments to consider the purpose for your cold email in the first place. Are you introducing yourself or your company? Have you met your lead at least once? Are you perhaps solving an immediate problem they have? Maybe you have a product or service that your research shows is exactly what your target is searching for. Whatever your reason behind sending an email, make that the main focus of your subjectline.


• First, if it’s an introduction, succinctly write what or who you are introducing. Your subject line can serve much like an in-person greeting.


• Second, if you have met the recipient before, remind them of where that meeting took place. It will jog their memory and reestablish your relationship, no matter how brief your time together was.


• Third, if you can solve a problem, let them know that. Make the subject of your email directly relate to a solution or need that you are meeting.


By being concise and upfront about why you’re emailing or what your company can help solve, you are able to create the perception of value upfront. Before they even open your email, your lead has gotten the sense that you are not one to waste their time and that you truly have their best interest in mind. This can only serve to help increase the likelihood of that person doing business with you down the road. Simply stated, the tenants of a highly effective cold email subject line include being honest, offering a genuine solution, and making a simple introduction that lets people know that your communication is rooted in a desire for genuine connection.


The Bottom Line


The goal with any cold email subject line is to strike that balance between being professional and being personable. You want to write your subject line in a way that piques the imagination just enough without sounding hyperbolic or salesy. If you’re looking for more help in this area, Funnelfly is an email automation platform that can have you up and running in minutes and includes cold email subject lines based on the content being automatically sent. This ensures that at just the right time, your prospects get the right email to move them through your sales funnel. And it all starts the moment it arrives in their inbox.

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