The Qualify Growth Track: One Step Closer to Conversion

Jun 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

When a lead moves from the Awareness Growth Track to the Qualify Growth Track within the Funnelfly platform, it definitely means you are doing something right. That person has become familiar with your product or offering and has shown an interest in learning more by responding to a Call to Action (CTA) in one of your emails. We often refer to the prospect as a qualified lead at this point because their needs are starting to match up with your solutions. Now the goal is to move that lead even further toward a free trial, demo, product sample, or some other type of conversion that your business offers.

The follow-up continues to be critical during the Qualify Growth Track. You can’t just assume that because someone has shown an interest, they will be an easy sell. This mindset often causes leads to get lost in the shuffle before they make it much further in the sales funnel. That’s where Funnelfly’s Growth Tracks continue to play an important role in ensuring that no leads fall aside during the journey.

In the Qualify Growth Track, the email drip campaign within Funnelfly’s automated system is continuing at full speed, but the content of the emails has changed. You are no longer focusing on familiarizing prospects with your brand. Instead, it’s time to dig deeper and explain the specifics of your product or offerings. You may even want to reference other similar customers who have experienced success with your business. It’s also helpful to direct prospects to your website or blog posts to learn more about your product. A link to a video demonstration is another good tactic. The key is to answer any questions a lead may have about your product before they even ask it. And just as you did during the Awareness Growth Track, you always want to include a Call to Action in every email within the Qualify Growth Track, whether it’s an invitation to reply to the email, contact you by phone, or set up a phone call or demo on your calendar link. Once a lead engages through a CTA in this Growth Track, they are likely to convert and move one step closer to becoming a customer.

The Bottom Line

With Funnelfly’s system of Growth Tracks, you can automatically stay engaged with both leads and customers while keeping tabs on where each one is throughout the buying journey. The automated email drip campaign platform ensures that a prospect never gets lost along the way, leading to more conversions and growth for your company.


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