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The “Why” Behind Funnelfly

When we first came up with the idea behind Funnelfly, it was really out of a need to solve some of the problems we had encountered ourselves. As startup founders, we’ve been right where you are and have experienced the ups and downs of the journey. We know firsthand the amount of work involved in getting a business up and running and positioning it for growth. One of the biggest struggles we faced was finding a way to continually stay in front of leads and customers while simultaneously working to improve the product and grow the company. We quickly realized that startups often don’t have the manpower to take on all of the marketing and sales management tasks in order to scale. Keeping up with leads, prospects, conversions, and paying customers is overwhelming for a small team. And while traditional marketing automation platforms are an option, they can be complicated and usually require a developer to set them up. In addition, with these programs, you still have to write every word of email copy for your drip campaigns. All of these steps can take weeks or even months, which involves time that you don’t have in the startup world. Plus, there’s the issue of money—these platforms can be very expensive, and startups usually don’t have the resources to invest in them.

As an answer to these problems, we created Funnelfly, a simple, affordable platform designed specifically with startups in mind. Our software offers an automated marketing and sales management system that helps startups get up and running quickly with a system that allows them to consistently communicate with prospects, leads, and paying customers. “It just made sense to us,” says Funnelfly CEO Drew Honeycutt. “Startups are unique in nature because they typically lack the personnel resources that larger companies have. We wanted a way for these companies, as well as for businesses with smaller teams, to grow faster with immediacy and affordability. Our platform automates marketing and sales tasks so that businesses can focus on what they know best—their product.”

One of the things we felt strongly about including in Funnelfly was an easy-to-use onboarding process for our customers. Within minutes of signing up, you can add leads into active growth campaigns and begin connecting with those leads immediately. We know the importance of engaging prospects and customers through every step of their journey, so we give you the tools to do that. Pre-written communication templates help you grow your business faster by maximizing conversion.

Once we got the idea for Funnelfly rolling, we had to figure out one of the most important parts of a startup—a name. Since our platform is based on a more modern version of the traditional marketing funnel, we chose to use “funnel’ as the first part. However, our focus is different from the usual marketing funnel. We modeled our software on digital funnels, which are all about engaging and building authentic connections. With Funnelfly, you have access to tools that help personalize the brand experience, deepen customer ties, and boost sales.

The second part of our name—”fly”—is based on the idea of a flywheel. Just as a flywheel gains momentum as more energy is put behind it, Funnelfly’s platform allows your startup to gain momentum as you stay in front of leads and convert more of them to paying customers. Before long, your flywheel is turning at a rapid pace while constantly gaining speed thanks to an ongoing flow of communication. The result is continuous conversion success.

As many startups are well aware, though, just because you come up with a name doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. We had to make sure the domain name was available and that we could afford to buy it. These are important aspects of a startup that should always be considered. We also needed to confirm that the social media handles were not already being used. Thankfully, the Funnelfly domain name was available at a fee that was within our budget, and the social media handles were ours for the taking. At this point, our vision for Funnelfly became a reality.

Want to learn more about Funnelfly and how it can help your business grow faster? Check out an overview of the automated platform, a demo video, and examples of our product features. Also read our other blog posts to find helpful tips and information from our experts that will keep you abreast of trends in the startup world. And once you have explored our product, experience its benefits firsthand by scheduling a live demo. Discover how our sales automation platform can set you on a path of faster growth and greater success.

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