The “Why” Behind Funnelfly

Jun 10, 2022 | design

Funnelfly helps businesses convert their leads to customers and keep those customers.

Our software offers an automated marketing and sales management system that helps startups get up and running in minutes.

We integrate with tools who are core to your business to improve your conversations and grow the bottom line.

While our competition charges per team members, we allow unlimited staff members. We don’t want to handcuff your business by forcing you to pay for each team member when only a few will use it. 

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Growth Track Templates

Easy-to-use onboarding is crucial for any business. Engage with prospects and customers through every step of their journey. Add our pre-written messaging templates to your account and grow your business faster.

Within minutes of signing up for Funnelfly, add contacts into a growth track and begin connecting with them.


Per Wikipedia, a flywheel is a mechanical device designed to store rotational energy. This is the goal of any business. Build processes to predictably grow your business. This is exactly how Funnelfly helps. We simplify the process in which you communicate with your contacts via email, SMS, and more.

Like a flywheel, Funnelfly give you the tools and templates allows your startup to gain momentum as you stay in front of leads and convert more of them to paying customers. Before long, your flywheel is turning at a rapid pace and driving meaningful results in your business.

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