Variables: The Secret to Personalized Email Follow-ups

Jun 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

As a startup or small company, you want to grow your business yet maintain a personal relationship with each customer. It’s a tricky balance—while you know the importance of making every customer feel special, the logistics of doing so at scale make it almost impossible. Funnelfly’s automated drip campaigns offer a way to maintain that personalization in every email you send out without spending all your time customizing each individual message. The key lies in the use of variables.

Variables allow you to personalize the email copy sent to your leads. When you set these variables at the very beginning during Funnelfly’s easy onboarding process, your email template for each message instantly becomes a personalized message tailored to fit each prospect. The variables that you fill out include such things as your company name, your industry type, the value props for your business, and the link to your calendar to set up a demo. By highlighting your company through the use of these variables in your email copy, you are not only fostering personal relationships with leads but also building brand awareness for your company. And the best part is that your prospects are receiving emails full of thoughtful content that feels tailored to their specific needs. By building one template, you can speak to every customer on a personal level without spending all of your time writing individual follow-up emails.

Check out these sample email templates using variables created by Simply Sod in the Funnelfly platform:

The above image shows the variable fields that Simply Sod created in order to personalize its first email to leads in the convert growth track. At this point, the lead is somewhat familiar with the company’s products and is almost ready to make a buying decision, so Simply Sod is creating variable fields that will give as much additional detailed information about their product as possible in order to close the sale. Once these variables are filled in, each email is populated according to the variables assigned to it.

This image shows an actual email in the growth track with the places indicated for the variables. With the touch of a button, these variables are populated to create a tailormade message for each lead.

This image demonstrates how to create custom fields for your variables. A very small amount of effort on the front end that involves creating these fields and filling in the variables results in large amounts of personalized emails sent out on a continuous basis to both prospects and customers according to where they are in the buying journey.

The Bottom Line
You have a lot to do to get your startup or small business off the ground and growing. Let Funnelfly help keep your brand front-of-mind for leads and customers throughout the buying journey. Using this unique system of variables, our automated email drip campaigns ensure that your audience receives continuous personalized messages at just the right time, which ultimately drives more conversions.

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